Directing Energy Toward Destiny

Vida Bratton

Faithfluencer, Social Media Strategist, Relationship Coach


In a world filled with so many options and competing priorities, I have found that the best place to be is right in the center of God’s will for my life. And while it may be difficult at times, I’ve learned that the worst with God is better than the best without Him.

My prayer is that my life consistently reflects my faith. Whether I am ministering to a group of women, helping a client grow their brand, speaking at a conference or homeschooling my boys, I choose Purpose. I choose to Direct Energy Toward Destiny!



Well! This picture pretty much sums up my persona. I love God. I love people. And I love to see people become all that God intended for them. I spent a long time doing everything I thought I was supposed to do to achieve the great things that were promised. And somewhere between striving for those goals and a life experience in another country, I changed…for the better.

By trade, I am an educator. By calling I’m a Marketplace Minister. I began to understand my calling when I made a decision to meet the need of someone else. I was the only person who had offered my services. And while I was not sure what I was saying yes too, I knew we would figure it out. Fast forward, I have spent the last 6 years helping women birth and build their BIZ-NISTRY in various different ways to include ideation, vision-boarding, formation, social media strategy, community building and connecting them to needed resources.

During this season, my husband and I launched and lead a church for four years. While working in this space, we started a webinar series titled, Relationship Remix. The response to this endeavor was pivotal. We began to tap into this ripe area and explore how we can serve in a bigger way to meet the needs of our community. Coupled with a deep dive into Marketplace for both my husband and I, our life shifted in a major way. We are currently relaunching this community as our primary Marketplace Ministry.

When I am not helping Purposepreneurs and Ministries utilize Social Media for greater impact or co-laboring with my husband on the Relationship remix, I am homeschooling our two boys, keeping this curves healthy or gathering with some Biznistry Women at the LemonAid Brunch.


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