Ladies! Welcome to the LemonAid Brunch, where sisters come to Connect, Grow and SOAR as they Direct Energy Toward Destiny! Birthed in 2014 as an actual Brunch and held again in 2015, the Brunch has impacted the lives of almost 200 women. Sisters gathered to be supported, inspired and equipped by women who were walking in their God-Purpose successfully having navigated a few lemons.

The premise? When life hands you a LEMON, God provides the AID. JUST. KEEP. GOING. This concept, also took the form of a book in 2015, The LemonAid Chronicles, Stories of Pitfalls, Passion and Purpose that Results in Payday!

After three years of transition, the fire still burned to support women in becoming all that God has called them to be in the Marketplace and Ministry...I like to call it BIZNISTRY. (smile.) So 2018, the community was relaunched and you are invited! If you want to join a sisterhood of audacious women who stand on the word of God and desire to Direct Energy Toward Destiny in their Life, Ministry and Business, come Connect, Grow and SOAR with us!